Dentist SEOA significant percentage of the American population pays attention to their overall health. Though teeth whitening kits have come up, most people still look for dentists for different procedures. If you are a dentist, then you can be of great help to numerous clients who are continually searching for such professionals online. Making your site visible amid multiple websites online is not easy. That is why you should consider dentist SEO.

Most people appreciate technology since it enables them to find anything they want online. Patients with different dental problems make use of search engines to find great dentists in their neighborhood. Research reveals that most patients stick to one dental clinic for years. If you want to make your dental practice stand out, then search engine optimization can help. Before we discuss some of the SEO tips you can include in your dental practice, check out some of the reasons why you need SEO.

Importance of SEO for dentists

Whether you specialize in treating oral diseases or conduct oral surgery, you have to find ways to make your practice more visible in the digital space. Start by creating an attractive website then ensure that it can always show up whenever potential clients conduct a Google Search. Do not assume that this will take place automatically since search engines such as Google have different factors that they use to determine how high your site can rank. Investing in dental SEO marketing can help you in the following ways.

  • It promotes visibility

Implementing certain SEO practices in your dental practice ensures that your patients can easily find your site on the first page of search engines. It, therefore, makes your dental clinic stand out in a competitive industry where every dentist is looking for patients’ attention.

  • Enhances awareness

One of the SEO strategies that every dentist should use is including relevant keywords on different parts of their websites. You should also analyze the keywords so that you can find out the specific treatment options that most dental patients look for online. If you can incorporate those options in your practice, then you should do so. Do not forget to make your potential leads aware of the new treatment options your dental practice now offers.

  • Credibility

Dental issues are quite sensitive to most patients. That is why patients are only comfortable going to credible dentists. When your site shows up on the top page of Google, you give most patients a good impression. Only the best sites are ranked highly, and making yours part of this enhances credibility.

  • Competition analysis

SEO also enables you to compare your dental practice to competitors. You can also easily monitor the different practices that keep on emerging. Comparing your dental practice with what other clinics offer can help you make some positive changes, which may lead to an increase in patients. Being an SEO dentist, therefore, helps you display a quality website and even great treatment options to your patients.

Tips for implementing SEO in your dental practice

Now that you are aware of the relevance of SEO in your business, you should know where to start. The following tips can help.

  • Pick the right keywords

Dental patients find pages on different search engines by typing some keywords. You should, therefore, learn how to target specific keywords for your practice.  Most of the patients look for dentists within their local residence. You, therefore, need to come up with target keywords incorporating your specific location. For instance, dental surgeon + location can narrow down a patient’s search.

If you are struggling with finding target keywords, make use of tools such as Ubersuggest or SEMrush. Avoid stuffing the keywords since this can make Google penalize you. Use them in different areas in your site, such as the title and URL.

  • Come up with a compelling website structure

A good website structure can boost user experience. You not only need to make your site easy to use but also include useful content. Ensure that your website pages can be accessed without clicking more than thrice to minimize a high bounce rate. If you have one dental practice or branches elsewhere, your website should be able to reflect this information. Apart from focusing on the speed of your site, you should also interlink your site pages.

  • Encourage existing patients to write online reviews

While some people are worried about the cost of dental procedures, others have a lot of safety concerns. That is why people go through different online reviews before making an appointment with a particular dentist. When a site does not have online reviews, it makes it hard for anxious dental patients to consider it.

That is why you need to encourage your existing patients to give some online reviews regarding your dental practice. People love free things, and offering incentives in the form of discounts can be a great motivator. Online reviews not only help your dental practice look more trustworthy but can also bring you high rankings on local map packs.

  • Include valuable content

Do you specialize in the restoration of teeth?  You need to ensure that you only include quality content on your site.  Explain what you have to offer in detail and add additional information on things such as an FAQ page. Though your content, you should be able to provide a solution to the specific problem that the site visitor is trying to address. Without useful content, you make it impossible for search engines such as Google to rank your site highly.

You should also avoid displaying wrong information since this can harm your dental practice. Only include authoritative and accurate information on your medical website. Apart from using only words, you also have to consider including other content formats on your website. For instance, formats such as infographics, videos, or podcasts can help you engage your site visitors more.


Whether you have been practicing dentistry for years or not, you should consider local SEO for dentists. This can help your dental practice appear for relevant keywords. You should, however, be patient and consider working with SEO experts if you don’t understand some digital marketing aspects. All the best!