Houston SEOBeing America’s energy capital has made Houston attract a lot of business owners. So many entrepreneurs in Houston start businesses in different sectors such as electricity and oil. Though great business opportunities are available in Houston, startups face particular challenges when working with Houston SEO.

The constant changes in SEO techniques make it challenging for businesses to optimize their sites well. It even gets more challenging for startups since they have to market their businesses before they start experiencing problems with funds. Every startup in Houston needs to inform people about their business. You can quickly achieve this through SEO. Having a solid SEO strategy can help you leave a lasting mark on your target consumers. Though SEO can make your startup progress, you should beware of the challenges that you are bound to face and find out how you can overcome them. This forms the basis of our discussion today. Go on!

The SEO challenges that startups face and how you can overcome them

Optimizing your site to gain a top ranking in search engines is not easy. Some of the issues that most startups go through are discussed as follows.

  • Expectations versus reality

Most startups often hire Houston SEO consultants to help them improve online visibility. When you have a new business, you often have a lot of expectations, especially when you are spending some funds on experts. SEO results can, however, take some time. You also have to be patient for you to earn the respect of search engines. Sometimes, most of the competitors may be spending more cash on SEO strategies than you. This can make it hard for your site to rank as high as them.

Before you start questioning the SEO experts you may have hired; it is always good to have some realistic expectations. Do not expect SEO strategies to deliver visible results immediately. Once you have realistic expectations, it becomes easy for you to appreciate the work that the Houston SEO agency is doing for your startup.

For both parties to work well, clear communication is critical.  Sometimes, you may have to change some of your goals. Even if you have a precise idea of what you want for your startup, you should always leave some room for flexibility to avoid frustrations.

  • Fake SEO agencies

Though Houston has a lot of reputable SEO agencies, some startups have fallen victims of fake companies. Such companies promise startups instant SEO results and use practices that often lead to Google penalties. One of the first red flags that you should never overlook as you choose a Houston SEO company is unreasonably low cost.

Such agencies may ask you guest post on low ranking sites that cannot boost your online visibility. Some even encourage you to be active on social media as a way of creating an impression that they are working to boost your site.

You can avoid fake SEO agency by doing a background check before consulting any company. Go through online reviews for you to find out if the SEO agency has experience in working with other startups. You can also get some recommendations from your friends or business acquaintances who may have worked with reputable SEO companies before. Confirm that the SEO consultant in Houston is conversant with current SEO strategies.

  • Budget

Most of the startups in the region do not allocate a precise budget for SEO needs. The lack of doing this can make you spend more money than you should have on SEO tactics. Before you call an expert, you must come up with precise SEO goals depending on the nature of your business. For instance, you need to determine how much traffic you intend to drive as you think about the specific keywords you should rank for.

Knowing your SEO goals can help you come up with an effective strategy to fulfill them. You then need to come up with a budget for SEO. Use the budget in the best way possible as you engage in different SEO activities.

  • SEO vs. Social media

Social media has a great impact on our society today. Some people tend to believe that the presence of platforms such as Twitter and Facebook can solve every problem. When developing a startup, you should not view SEO and social media as competing forces. Instead, you need to understand that these two complement each other, and your business needs both of them. Experts agree that social media management is a crucial part of SEO. If you are wondering which one to choose between the two of them, you should stop since your business needs both.

  • Return on Investment (ROI)

One of the reasons why many startups choose to invest in SEO strategies is because they look forward to getting returns from this. Most of them face challenges in regards to calculating the return on investment of their SEO campaigns. To solve this, you can make use of online tools that help in measuring ROI. Using such tools can help you know if your startup is on the right track. Some experts can even offer you the statistics on returns if you are not good with such calculations.

  • Quality content

Creating quality content can also be a challenge for some startups. Learning how to do this can help you build a good reputation for your startup. Search engines make use of various metrics when assessing how good your site content is. You, therefore, have to appeal not only to your target audience but also search engines. If you are having challenges with creating quality content on your own, you can get copywriters to help you out. Ensure you choose one that can deliver quality work that is free from numerous grammatical errors.


Every startup has to face some SEO challenges during the first stages of optimizing sites for search results. Working with the right SEO consultants Houston can help you mitigate some of the challenges we have outlined above. Together, you can come with the SEO strategies that can suit your business.