Law Firm SEOIn the past, law firms had to market their companies through radio ads, TV commercials, and billboards. Such methods were quite expensive, making it hard for new legal firms to gain clients. Things have now changed since we live in the Google age. SEO for law companies has made it possible for many firms to generate leads to their sites.

If your site is still struggling to obtain traffic for your law firm, the problem may be that clients cannot find your site. Research reveals that most of the internet users do not check past the first page of search results. This means that if your site does not appear in at least the first three pages, then clients cannot find your law firm online. That is why you need to think about SEO.

This is one of the most effective marketing strategies that law companies are using today to generate organic traffic to their sites. Before we give you tips on how you can implement SEO in your legal practice, we will discuss some basics regarding SEO. Find out more!

Introduction to Law firm SEO

Every lawyer operating their own company looks forward to obtaining a high number of clients. Whether you are a divorce attorney or specialize in real estate cases, having a large number of clients can lead to the growth of your company. You can achieve this by building an online presence by establishing a quality website.

Search engine optimization is a marketing practice that can boost the performance of your site. The digital practice can enhance organic traffic to your website. It optimizes your site so that you can tell your customers what your law firm is about and what you offer. Making your business clear translates to high search engine rankings and more clients. If you want the site to gain more leads, then you need to implement some legal SEO tips. These can help you improve your position in search engine results.

For the lawyers that are not new to digital marketing, you can implement SEO strategies on your own. If you, however, are new to this form of marketing, you should consider including SEO experts who can help you manage your campaign.

SEO tips for Law firms

It takes a lot of effort for one to have a well-optimized website for their law firm. You can, however, achieve this if you are keen on some useful tips. Most of the search engines such as Bing, Yahoo, and Google only consider law firm websites that can offer quality user experience in terms of website functionality. Start by making a few changes on your site that can help you increase the rate of conversions.

  • Determine the target keywords of your law firm

For you to optimize your firm’s site, you have to use the target keywords. This can help you attract traffic to your site. To achieve this, you need to determine the kind of search you would like your company to rank for. You can find out this by assessing the specific practice areas of your company. For every practice area, come up with a list of relevant keywords.

  • Optimize the home page using the relevant keywords

Most of the elements in your home page, such as your headline, the content itself, and call to action should include the keywords. Things such as the Meta description, title tag, and images also have an impact on your SEO. You should, therefore, try to optimize by including your keywords in them.

  • Compare your site with that of your competitors

Since the legal industry is full of all kinds of attorneys, you have to know your competitors and try to make your website stand out. Once you have determined relevant keywords, you can search them on Bing for you to find out where you rank in comparison with your competitors.  Doing this helps you find out which companies you are competing with for high ranking.

If you realize that your site is still lagging behind, you should take a closer look at the top-ranked sites. Find out what you have in common and what they may be doing that you are not. For instance, by visiting their website, you may discover that the competitor may have fast loading pages or keep on updating their blog with new articles from time to time. Borrowing such ideas from them can help your site rank highly with such engines.

  • Ensure that your site is mobile friendly and fast

Most of the clients use their mobile phones when searching for different forms of attorneys. You should ensure that your site is readily accessible through such devices. This can help you increase conversions. Search engines also use this factor to determine the rankings of different websites.

You should also ensure that your site pages do not take a long time to load. Make use of useful tools to confirm the speed of your web pages. You can enhance the speed of your site by minimizing the size of images, saving images as JPGs, and using up to date plugins.

  • Include relevant content in your site

Search engines often rank websites that provide great content to visitors highly. You should, therefore, focus on the structure of your site for you to boost user-experience. Ensure that your visitors can find the site easy to navigate. Providing extra information on your site also increases credibility and impresses search engines. For instance, if you specialize in family law, you can include some individual pages in your site that elaborate on the specific legal services that you provide, such as child support, child custody, or divorce.


Running a law firm involves a lot of work. You can gain more leads and rank highly on search engines by focusing on law firm SEO services. You have to think about the changes that you can make on your website to make it rank highly. SEO can help make your site more discoverable among clients and, in turn, lead to revenue generation.