local SEOThe first thing that most people do when they want to locate a nice restaurant is conducting a Google search. Statics reveal that more than 40% of searches on Google and Bing are of local nature. This is one of the reasons why different kinds of business owners are investing in local SEO. Whether you have been in business for a while or are a simple startup, you need to emulate such entrepreneurs.

Defining local SEO

Though this term does not have a precise definition, different SEO agencies across the globe try to explain this marketing strategy. According to some SEO experts, local SEO refers to the process of promoting search visibility for enterprises that serve their neighborhoods face to face. It can be either be a business that offers a particular service in a precise geographic area or a brick and mortar enterprise that has a physical location.

Others define this term as the integrated approach that is used by local businesses to market themselves. If you are a business owner, you need to embrace local SEO since it can help you offer results to different searchers based on their location. Local SEO services can boost the position of your business on local search rankings.

Why do businesses have to care about local SEO?

Are you implementing organic SEO strategies? If yes, then you may not see the relevance of local SEO. Based on the specific tactics and keywords you may be using, you may be implementing local SEO without your knowledge. The purpose of local SEO is to enhance online visibility for the sake of your future customers.

Most local customers rely on directories and search engines to locate local businesses near them. Half of them end up visiting the local businesses the same day they conduct the search. Embracing local SEO can, therefore, help you boost online brand awareness and generate leads. Local businesses that make use of local SEO report an increase in in-store traffic within a short duration.

Here are some local SEO tactics that you can use

The competition for the best spots on search results is stiff. Since every business owner wants the highest rank, this competition motivates them to fight harder for such spots. If you have a small shop, you may find this overwhelming since you have to compete against giant companies that may have existed longer than your business. Google, however, provides a conduit to accommodate even local firms. You can, therefore, build your online presence by using the following local SEO tactics.

  • Come up with a place page

Whether you have an attractive site or not, you have to understand the importance of a place page in Google search rankings. It can help promote visibility for your business. Information that usually appears on a company’s Google place page has a high impact on ranking in local searches. You, therefore, have to come with a great place page as you pay attention to all the relevant details.

Giving accurate information is also crucial when creating a place page. Do not forget to include your specific location as well as the industry since this can put your website in a good position on search results. The local SEO tactic can help you increase traffic.

  • Look for business directories and listings online

The internet contains a lot of business directories and listings such as Yelp. Such sites have online lists for all businesses within a particular location, category, or niche. Since these sites often request for your local business information such as the name and address, they can help you increase your presence online. You should, therefore, include all the relevant details on such sites. Try to complete profiles on listing sites such as Bing, Whitepages, and Thumbtack.

  • Focus on customer reviews

As you think about SEO for local companies, you should never overlook the importance of customer reviews. Most of the local consumers find online reviews as credible as personal recommendations. Encouraging your local customers to leave online reviews is an effective local SEO strategy. You should only generate authentic customer reviews that can help you gain more leads. There is no point in ranking highly on search engines then end up making a poor impression.

You can also encourage your clients to leave reviews regarding your business on other targeted websites like TripAdvisor and Houzz. Apart from receiving exposure online, some of these review sites contain links back to your site. Backlinks can help you drive more traffic to your website, drawing you closer to achieving your SEO goals.

  • Come up with localized content

You can do this in different ways. For instance, ensure that your website contains important details such as your name, address, and phone number. You can put these details on the footer or header of your website. The contact page should also contain these details so that your site visitors do not struggle to find it. Include blog content as you focus on local keywords. For instance, if you are a Chef in LA, you can use a keyword such as LA Chef.

The problem with many people who are not used to using local SEO strategies is that they end up stuffing the keyword in their blog posts and pages. This does not resonate well with search engines since they consider keyword stuffing as spammy and can demote your content based on this. You need to ensure that the keywords you include in your content flow naturally.

  • Make use of other social platforms

Do not only focus on improving your site and forget to leverage social following. You need to set a Twitter profile for you to attract more people to your business. Make use of Google + page and ensure that you link it to your site. A high number of followers translates to a high ranking.


From the above, we can learn why businesses should care about local SEO. The tactics above can lead to positive results. Ensure that you offer quality products or services to customers to build an excellent reputation for your business.