Real Estate SEOThe online medium has made communication easier between home buyers and sellers. Unlike in the past, where real estate involved constant meetings between different parties, people now initiate real estate deals online. That is why every real estate firm should have an online presence.

Since the real estate industry is growing, having a mere website is not enough for homebuyers to find your site. You need to take additional steps to ensure that your site ranks highly. You can achieve this through real estate SEO. Though you can market your site through paid advertising, search engines are known to drive organic traffic.

A significant percentage of home buyers start searching for different real estate properties online. If you want to run a successful real estate company, then implementing SEO strategies is crucial. More visitors to your site can make it easy for you to market your services to them.

The expectations of most homebuyers also keep on increasing with the advancement in technology. Going digital can, therefore, make your real estate firm fulfill their specific needs. Read on to learn everything regarding SEO for real estate agents.

What is the importance of SEO for realtors?

Operating a real estate company in the populated industry is becoming challenging for those that don’t use SEO. You can gain the following benefits from implementing SEO strategies.

  • Geo-targeted traffic

Whether you market commercial or residential properties, you need to obtain local traffic for your business to thrive. Using the right keywords can help you achieve this. Utilizing SEO, can help your business expand since you can start obtaining some interested buyers and sellers around your area.

  • High returns

Unlike using other forms of marketing, you can start realizing returns on your investment from working with real estate SEO consultants. It can help you expand your business to different regions.

  • Stabilized rankings

Working with the right SEO agency can also help you gain stabilized rakings for your real estate company website. When you site appears on the first page, you can enjoy consistent traffic. It can, therefore, help you minimize the maintenance cost of your SEO campaign. When homebuyers start finding your site easily, it increases credibility. If you offer the best services and have good content on your website, they can even refer other home buyers to your business.

How to implement the right SEO strategies for your real estate business

  • Start local

Most of the homebuyers who search for houses look for properties that are around their neighborhood. Since some of them do not have a lot of experience in purchasing properties, they tend to click on the specific links that appear on top of search results. For your site to be among the top-ranked sites, you should use keywords that are related to local terms. For instance, if you are marketing properties around Florida, you could use keywords such as Florida homes for sale or Florida commercial buildings. Including such keywords throughout your website can make it more discoverable on search engines.

  • Include IDX search boxes in your site

A real estate website should provide all the relevant information that homebuyers look for. You can boost user experience for home buyers by including an IDX search box. This gives them the option of searching for homes based on different factors such as the price range, number of bedrooms or bathrooms. Such a box makes it easy for homebuyers to narrow down their options to a few suitable real estate properties.

You should, however, know that the search box cannot boost your site’s rankings online. For you to achieve this, you have to optimize it by adding some relevant content regarding the properties you are promoting.  If, for instance, a first time home buyer looks for a home in a specific location, add some details regarding the neighborhood.

  • Come up with SEO-friendly blogs

One of the practical ways you can give your site visitors more information is by adding some SEO –friendly blogs to your site. For instance, you can come up with a blog that informs first time home buyers what they should expect. You can even come up with an infographic that helps you illustrate the home purchasing process. Since most customers find online testimonials trustworthy, you can share a video of a client who bought a real estate property through your firm. Using SEO-friendly blogs can help your site rank highly on search engines. Do not forget to share such blogs on other social media platforms like Facebook.

  • Include visually appealing content in your site

The real estate business is all about what home buyers can see on your website. Visuals can help you attract home buyers to your site easily. It also allows them to have an idea about the different properties you market before they make a physical visit. You need to ensure that you include quality photos and virtual tours for your real estate company website to rank highly. Great visuals enhance the property presentation. Using video marketing while advertising for different homes can make your website appear on the top page of Google or Bing.

  • Your site should be able to solve a problem in seconds

Some of the home buyers only have time for websites that can address their issues in an instant. You need to ensure that your site can help you achieve this. Use creative content that can predict the pain points of most home buyers and give solutions to the specific problems on the home page. While most of the buyers feel that finding the right property is the most challenging part of the purchasing process, others find the paperwork too challenging. Include some infographics on your homepage summarizing the solutions to such concerns. This strategy can help you solve pain points within seconds.


The real estate business only works for agents that are willing to do more than simply creating a site. You have to ensure that your website is ranked highly on search engines for you to gain as many homebuyers as you can. You don’t have to do all this alone since real estate SEO experts exist to help you out. Get in touch with them today, and transform your business tremendously.